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A brilliant way to get ideas flowing. Very popular with all ages this comprehensive kit contains everything you need to inspire creative writing.

Roll a dice and choose ideas from the specially designed idea grids. Organise them on the organiser templates provided.

Then bring out the 'SOUND DICE.' Use an icosahedron. A 20 sided dice. 

There are three banks of 20 sounds :  A,B and C. Decide which bank to use and then roll for the sound. As the sound is listened to the perception of the ideas you have will change. More ideas will come that are individual to you. They are your ideas. 

As soon as each pupil has their completed ideas they are ready to create. 

Really popular with all who use it - Yr 2 upwards. It inspires and it engages.

Using the same idea grid again and again you will come up with different combinations. And you have 60 sounds to dip into. There are endless possibilities...

Not only fabulous for writing inspiration but a great way to start discussions and oral story telling.





Roll and Write

    • 18 Roll and Write idea grids 
    • 3 banks of 20